Beyond Colonizer Christianity

Why is it that many Black Church communities are more open to interfaith connections and cooperation when Judaism and Islam (to a lesser degree) is concerned versus when African Traditional Religious communities are the focus? What's stopping Black Church goers and Christians from embracing opportunities to link with and learn from the wisdom found within the Ifa, Akan, Santeria, Candomble, and Vodun communities? Is Dr. Dianne M. Stewart right? Do we really suffer from "Afrophobia?" - an unconscious rejection of anything having to do with Africa? Pastor Brown takes on these topics and more in this conversation on "Colonizer Christianity" and the need for an African-Centered approach to the

Reading For Power In The Black Church

A historic African American Church full of people working in ministries that are each doing whatever they want to do based on a colonial understanding of Christianity is a church that is not living up to its greatest potential. We can maximize our impact, glorify God, and serve the Black community by sharing a commitment to African-centered Christian ideals and working in greater harmony together rather than lead our respective ministries in silos - separated from one another. I am redoubling my efforts to pastor Pleasant Hope in such a way that we radiate in unity a liberative, womanist, and Black Christian Nationalist ethic and praxis. We do not have the luxury to be ambivalent about who

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