Where Do We Go From Here? New "Wineskins" for a church on the grow!

In the second chapter of Mark, Jesus talks about the importance of putting new wine into new wineskins. Putting new wine into old wineskins, he warns, can eventually cause the old container to burst. This spiritual wisdom is with me heavy right now because God is pouring new wine in our direction! With a brand new year and decade before us, I believe that now is the time to experiment with a different way to organize Pleasant Hope Baptist Church so that we can better benefit from the collective power of God within us and reflect that to others as well. It's not just the calendar that's urging me to consider new "wineskins" for our church, but it's also the fact that we have some pretty sig

Whiteness Cannot Be Saved Survey

If you attended or watched any of our Sunday worship services live stream during October 2019, we invite you to please take this survey and share with us your perspective on the series by clicking here. Thank you in advance!

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