New Year's Resolutions Must Consider Community Too

It's that time of year where many people are completing vision boards, making new year resolutions or outlining big goals they want to reach in 2020. Unfortunately, this practice is usually so individualistic that people overlook the opportunity to dream up visions and draw up plans for their community as well. New Year's Resolutions far too often are just about me-myself-and I. But what about our community? Shouldn't we also be thinking, planning and working collectively to bring about a better day for our families and neighborhoods? Can't our churches do more to help? Sure they can! But churches are only as powerful as the commitment of the people inside of them - which leads to this invi

We're Stepping Up For The Bahamas For Christmas!

Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in partnership with the Pleasant Hope Community Development Corporation are excited to partner in support of the children of The Bahamas this year for Christmas. Join us as we seek to be a blessing to families that were impacted by Hurricane Dorian. How can you help? 1. Share the flyer (left) with your friends 2. Purchase a toy from this Amazon wish list and include an encouraging note to a child. Email with any questions. Thank you in advance for your support!

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