Pleasant Hope Baptist Church is the home and headquarters of Orita's Cross Freedom School, an African-centered youth educational program that teaches Africana history and hands-on skills to inspire the next generation of change makers!  We believe youth - and Black youth in particular - aren't "problems" in need of fixing.  


We realize that the public school systems can't and won't teach our children about their history and culture. The system is set up from a Eurocentric perspective. So we work to correct the lens and center the Black Experience in all modes of learning.  We realize that this is essential in creating a world in which they can see themselves as great without the validation of a system that seeks to keep them oppressed.  We teach self-love and self-acceptance first so they grow up valuing and loving themselves.

Freedom School is open on days when Baltimore City Public Schools are closed.  (Professional development days, some holidays, Spring break, etc.)

Our 2020 Winter Session Schedule (Click the date to register)

  1. January 20

  2. January 24

  3. February 17

  4. March 13

  5. April 6 - 10 (Spring Break...registration link forthcoming)

  6. April 28

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