What we do with our money matters.  It sends a message.  It's an indicator of where our priorities are and what's most meaningful to us.  When a nation spends more money on war than supporting those that are unstably housed, it says something about that nation.  When a community has more new prisons than it does new schools, it says something about that community.  And even when an individual spends more of their money on self-gratification than service to others, it says something about that person.

Put Your Money To Work for Faith & Justice!

As people of faith guided by the witness of Holy Scripture, we believe that every good and perfect gift comes from God.  Therefore, we are a community that encourages the systematic giving of 10% of our earnings as a starting point in the way of sacrificial giving.  As we grow spiritually, it's not uncommon for many to increase that percentage and give far more than 10%.  In addition to money, we encourage people to give of their time and talents in service to God and community as well.  In this way, we believe everyone can give.

For those who wish to share a financial offering, in worship to God and partnership with this very unique church, you can do so in any of the following ways:


1. CashApp $PleasantHopeBC


2. By clicking here and giving through the Givelify app

3. By clicking here and giving through our Vanco account

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