Pastor Heber Brown, III and Financial Advisor, Greg Corneille of Axcel Capital Management, LLC have partnered up to provide African American youth with the experience of owning their own mutual fund! To that end, Pastor Brown is providing initial seed money to the first 20 African American youth (ages 10-18) that sign up.


The fund that we will be purchasing for each youth is the Fidelity Balanced Fund (ticker: FBALX). Beyond the initial financial investment, each youth will have to participate in monthly investment education group sessions.


At the group sessions, we'll discuss what mutual funds are, how they work, and what to look for.  Also, we will invest additional money and study the results together.  Basically, we're going to learn how to make money by investing money.


Here are the steps needed to participate: 


Step 1:


Open an UTMA/UGMA account with a parent or guardian at TD Ameritrade: and email the account number to 


Step 2:


Download the TD Ameritrade app:


Step 3:


Register your child (or children) for this experience. (Those with multiple children will need to register multiple times.)

Sessions will be held the 3rd Sunday night of each month at 7:00PM EST from January - June 2021


Click here to register