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Christian Education, The Bible & Social Justice

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, Trustee Bernita James, Sis. Shenika Brunson and Sis. Austen-Monet McClendon traveled to Union Theological Seminary in New York for a Christian Education workshop led by Minister Candace Simpson.

Minister Simpson taught the group how to engage Christian Education as Political Education and use the Bible to teach social justice.

Below, Austen-Monet shares how the experience impacted her:

"The weekend seminar with Min. Candace Simpson in New York was priceless. The community was open and inviting. The dialogue was poignant and thought-provoking and the workshop activities designed by Min. Simpson were uniquely curated to inspire introspection, collaboration, and innovation amongst the group. We were asked to interrogate and critically analyze traditional ideas of education and were given new tools and strategies for approaching Christian Education with a fresh lens. The experience brought us closer together as a church family as we trekked through the vibrant, bustling streets of NYC on a quest to discover greater versions of ourselves."

- Austen-Monet McClendon

Austen-Monet McClendon

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