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Is God Sexist?

Earlier this year in our Sunday morning class, we studied Judges chapters 19 and 20 where a woman was brutally violated by men who the scriptures framed as upstanding and honoring codes of hospitality of their day. These passages were so difficult for us to read and reckon with that some members of our class were tempted to leave the church that day - completely flabbergasted by how something like this could be included in a book that we call the "Word of God."

What does this say about Christianity? In an era where many women are coming forward now to raise their voices about their experiences being violated, sexually assaulted, and raped, what does this mean for the church?

The video below is an interview from the Jude 3 Project with Dr. Jo Vitale who engages the question "Is God Sexist?"

Learn! Think! Reflect! Enjoy!

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