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Faith & Leadership Development w/T.D. Jakes

On Saturday, January 11, 2020, ten members of Pleasant Hope traveled to First Baptist Church of Glenarden to participate in a Leadership Summit featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Since 2013, Pastor Brown has been organizing current and emerging leaders of the congregation to participate in this free event. (oftentimes serving as the bus driver for the event as well!) It can be very difficult getting a church full of people who have their own ideas to be intentional about working together behind one vision. This annual event helps members of our church to practice intentional unity and strategic synergy by being exposed to a religious leader whose ministry exemplifies collective work and responsibility in so many ways.

Not only is the presentation always insightful, the quality time spent together helps to deepen bonds between members who may not know each other very well. Our goal for next year is to have every ministry of Pleasant Hope represented! The event is always on the first or second Saturday of the year so mark your calendars now!

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