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Death Is So Disrespectful

Without consideration for your time, your schedule, your hopes, or your preference for how life should be arranged, death can just barge in and change everything in an instant. No notice. No heads up. No warning. Just immediate change.

After a meaningful and memorable worship experience yesterday at church, I came home to the news of Kobe Bryant's tragic death and that of his daughter, Gianna and other family friends. It was a punch to the gut. Kobe and I are about the same age. I feel like I grew up with him - watching him develop as a man and as a basketball player until he would blossom to dominate the NBA and become a global ambassador for the sport.

I enjoyed watching him getting comfortable in his post professional basketball life. His projects, media efforts, and family commitments were shining through. I wanted to see what he looked like as an older and then old man and almost gauge my old man-ness a little off of his.

Now, we'll never know.

I've felt the need to be quiet since getting the news. I'm reflecting on Psalm 27: 13-14 to help deal with this hurt. I'm also paying attention to what I long for most in this moment. Disaster can sometimes focus our attention on those aspects of life that are most significant.

A part of my medicine yesterday was playing video games with my children last night. (I beat them by 2 points in More medicine is coming this week as I'll have dinner with my Mom. The calamity that has met the Bryant Family makes me want to be closer to my Family and loved ones. That's some good medicine right there that I hope you make time for this week as well.

Be careful of how much television, social media, and radio you consume this week. Self-care sometimes looks like backing up or logging off for a while.

Death is so disrespectful, but it is a part of the journey. When honored fully and deeply, death can help bring us to greater awareness of how precious and special life really is.

Both now and forever, may we all keep regular company with the wisdom and impulse for purposeful living that death stands ready to enrich our lives with.

God bless you, your family and loved ones.

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