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How Do You Ground Your Heart & Nourish Your Spirit?

Pastor Brown recently asked subscribers to our church's newsletter to share some of their daily spiritual practices as a way to help others gain tips that may help them. Here's what some said:

When I awake, I thank God for another day. Take a few minutes to be still and silent. Usually, there seem to be a million or so thoughts fighting for attention. So I ask God to focus me, balance me, and to guide me through the many small decisions I will make as I navigate my way through the day. I try to catch Lee Michael's Spiritual Vitamin (M-F, Heaven 600 Radio). I pray for grace, peace, safety, protection, and a clean heart for myself and my family.



It’s Always A Thanksgiving Day

I allow myself to embrace my morning with a diverse group of women talking The Real Talk.

I Indulge in the show because it reminds me how women struggle to become uniform No Matter What.

I ponder on how success look for me growing up with a daughter who’s growing to take over the world.

I ask God and my ancestors to lead and guide me into a path where it’s my time to learn.

As a mother I do scream and yell. I pray for my neighbors and I hope they can hear I’m looking for appreciation in my tone.

I read and reflect on my life to help me in any obstacles somehow that get in my journey.



My morning is I say a prayer of thing for being woke! Then I prepare 4 cups of coffee for my spouse, myself and 2 grandchildren. Then start planning my day. Sometimes I help others and do things for my health like bike ride or go bowling.



Hello. I find what works best for me is :

Thanking God upon waking/prayer

Prayer line ( often not always)

Devotional ( traditional or from a paragraph in a inspiring book..i.e. The Four Agreements or Defiant Women of Faith

..or a Motivational video from YouTube ( Les Brown and E.T. are favorites.)

Finally, praying without ceasing; praying, praising throughout the day normally silently.


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