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Many Christians today are silent about social injustice because the preachers they watch on TV are

To those not used to my preaching, this past Sunday would have probably been a different experience than what they're used to - especially if preachers on television are their only point of reference.  Preachers these days aren't known to regularly engage topics of rape culture, police brutality, violence against the poor, environmental degradation and the list goes on and on. The truth is you won't hear this kind of preaching on television or big platforms.  Preaching that challenges social injustices don't do well for ratings and corporate sponsors.

A careful analysis of the substance of preaching currently on television will reveal that while charismatic - televangelist aren't necessarily in the habit of engaging the pressing challenges of the day. It's no wonder then that Christians that take in a healthy diet of this brand of preaching don't see social issues as matters of concern to God.

However, there are different kinds of preachers and different kinds of sermons available to people and in service to God as well. You won't likely hear or see them on television, however, their roots go deep into biblical soil. Like the Prophet Isaiah who preached about the treatment of the poor and of workers in Isaiah 58 and like Jesus who took a stand for the poor, prisoners, those who are blind and the oppressed; there are preachers today whose ministries are striving to be faithful to these biblical virtues.

We at Pleasant Hope are grateful to be counted among this group and will continue working through our brilliance and brokenness in order to glorify God both here and now and in the hereafter.

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