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Meet Victoria Walton: Steward of Maxine's Garden

In the late summer of 2020 - about 5 months into the coronavirus pandemic, Victoria Walton reached out to Pastor Brown inquiring about becoming a member of the church. She had been watching our church services online and had heard about Maxine's Garden in the process. Being that our Sunday worship services weren't happening at the building at that time, the garden served as the real "front door" to the ministry. She met our Garden Coordinator, Bro. Randy, and immediately began putting her gardening skills and interest to use stewarding this sacred space.

Maxine's Garden served as a "sanctuary" during the pandemic - a relatively safer space for members of the church to come together, get out of the house, and enjoy interaction with other people.

As Victoria started making service in the garden part of her regular routine, she met other members of the church too besides Bro. Randy. Her commitment to the space and to the church became clear very fast.

In fact, as Bro. Randy began making plans to transition and move out of the state, Victoria came to mind for him as someone who could continue coordinating the effort. He passed the baton of leadership to her and she served faithfully for months to ensure that this special sanctuary received its proper care.

Now she is preparing to leave the state for an amazing school opportunity in New York. Before she leaves however, she would like to share some of her gardening wisdom with all who are interested in learning some beginning steps.

Join us on Saturday, July 10, 2021 9:00AM for Beginner Garden Day at Maxine's Garden! We invite our members and friends of Pleasant Hope to come out pick up some tips, share what you know and hear about the future of our special garden.

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