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What's In It For Me, Pastor Brown?

I wouldn't be surprised if that was a question on the minds of some after hearing that our church is exploring the possibility of buying a 100,000 sq ft., two story school building that sits on about 7 acres of land.

"Sure - it's an exciting idea, but what does it really have to do with me?," some might ask.

As I walked the grounds of the school recently, I tried to see it through the eyes of those who are not instantly inclined to commit their time, talent, and treasure to a project of this magnitude.

As I looked at the school building through other people's lenses, I thought about how we could take some of the weight off parents and grandparents who are looking for quality childcare for their babies and toddlers. This school building has a daycare facility on its grounds that we would own and operate.

I thought about those who work jobs that provide no sense of fulfillment. They're just going to work for the check, but want something more meaningful. Obtaining a school building this size would mean we'll have to hire people - people who could feel the satisfaction of making money and making a difference at the same time.

I thought about those struggling with health conditions and those without health insurance. The school building has a health suite inside of it that with the right partner could be made into a holistic health clinic for us to get our blood pressure checked regularly, obtain information on homeopathic medicine, receive mental health support, and get our questions answered all in a culturally appropriate and welcoming environment.

I thought about the children that would gain lasting memories by attending the summer camp programs, talent shows, and Rites of Passage groups that we'd operate from this school building turned community center.

There's so much more that came to mind, but I know that I'm not the only dreamer.

What are your dreams?

What have you always wanted to do or try, but never felt like things lined up for it to happen? What if this moment and this opportunity is big enough to be home for your dreams too?

Tell me.

Think about this school and tell me what you'd do with it. How could this school help you fulfill your dreams, assist with your needs, or support those that you know with their struggles?

I can't wait to be inspired by what you have to say! Click here to look at the school again and then email me with what you would love to see happen in this space. I'm all ears! Email me at

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