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Pentecost Is A Story About Money Too

In this past Sunday's sermon which focused on Pentecost, we couldn't help but to notice that this story of God's Spirit filling the followers of Jesus also changed their behaviors with property and money.

The Bible says in Acts chapter 2 that they participated in a kind of daily Popular Education process which resulted in them selling their property and bringing the money to the apostles to disseminate to people in need. But these weren't acts of charity; rather they were participating in a faith-rooted economic experiment. In my spiritual imagination, I can hear the Believers in the Bible that day complaining about the economic system that was making their lives hard and being filled with God's Spirit to create a more just system. It began, however, with them paying close attention to the system that they inherited. (at least that's how it started in my spiritual imagination:)

For Believers today that are daring to imagine what a more just economic system looks like; an important beginning step is to study the current system. So what exactly is capitalism? In this video below, David Cobb, from Cooperation Humboldt, explains the five characteristics of capitalism.

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