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This Past Sunday was Life-Changing!

The old saying goes: "What the devil meant for evil, God turned it around for my good." It's a quote that comes to mind when I reflect on a video currently being shared around social media of a young woman being verbally assaulted on the back of a Baltimore City bus by her boyfriend. (Click here for excerpt of the video) Others on the bus moved to action in defense of the young woman after they saw him place his hands on her. One woman in particular lead the way in defending her - at one point putting herself between the man and the battered woman.

I was so moved by the actions of the courageous woman who put her body on the line for another sister that I began working to contact her and the woman she was standing up for to see if our church could support them.

Not only did I successfully reach them, but they both came to Pleasant Hope where we were able to pray for them and raise a financial offering to help these two young mothers that are in similar stages of life. Much to my surprise, both of them - Timesha and Breauna decided that they wanted to become members of Pleasant Hope as well!

What a turn around!

After the worship service, I along with some of the Deacons and Deaconess spent time with them in counsel and conversation. We learned that they both are in need of children's clothes for their sons as well and thought to put it out to the congregation in the event that some of us may have old children's clothes at home that can be donated. The sizes that are needed are listed below. Please email if you can assist or have further questions:





12 months

3 weeks preemie

6 1/2 shoe

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