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Try Outs Have Begun At Pleasant Hope

If you want to get involved, but don't necessarily play an instrument, I have something for you too! Today, I'm launching "try-outs" at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church. I know that the idea of committing longterm to something that you're uncertain about or feel too busy for can be intimidating, so how about just try it out for a short period?

  • Try out being the Pastor for a day (or shadow me!)

  • Try out being a Deacon

  • Try out being a Trustee

  • Try out reading the scripture or praying for Sunday service

  • Try out being the Worship Leader or "MC" for the service

  • Try out visiting the sick or Homebound seniors with me

  • Try out connecting with our food justice ministry

  • Try out writing a weekly blurb for this newsletter

  • Try out joining our Wednesday Bible Study today at 12:00Noon

  • Try out teaching a 4-week class or leading a Book Club

  • Try out coordinating yoga sessions at our church

  • Try out taking over our church's IG, Facebook or Twitter page

  • Try out supporting our African-centered youth program

  • Try out sharing a financial offering consistently just for 1 month

  • Try out piloting that new idea for ministry that you've never seen at a church before

You don't have to sign your name in blood, Pleasant Hope.

But if you never try out the thing that you've been thinking about, you'll never know what can come of it. And Pleasant Hope is the perfect church to test it out!

I "tried out" creating two organizations using Pleasant Hope as an incubator space - Orita's Cross Freedom School and the Black Church Food Security Network. Now these two organizations are known across the country and have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial support while co-creating systemic change for the African American community! They've opened doors that I'd never imagined could open for me. All because I tried out something new. So what about you?

Try outs have begun! What will you try out in this season?

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