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For 85 years Pleasant Hope Baptist Church has been shining and sharing God's Love in our community. Despite the average size of our congregation in a numerical sense (about 120 people worship with us on Sundays), God has blessed us to make a profound impact in the world in a variety of ways.

We'll use this blog to help tell the story of Pleasant Hope, articulate our thoughts on issues going on around us and share information on resources that can be a blessing to others. Because we are a congregation that welcomes seekers, skeptics, and fellow sojourners, we'll also share posts about God, the Bible, and matters of the church - our questions, convictions, and hopes.

Our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Heber Brown, III along with other members of the congregation will be the primary writers on our site, but every now and then we'll have guest writers as well.

So get ready to read, reflect, and respond! This will be fun!

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