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Working Together To Bring A Piece Of Heaven To Earth

Do you remember this image? It was presented to us 6 months ago during our church's 2021 Annual Church Meeting. Along with the theme, Operationalizing Our Pursuit Of Personal Growth Toward Collective Power, it provides a picture of what we've already been doing together for years and what more we can do too. We've been a birthing ground for many wonderful initiatives and organizations for nearly 10 of the 13 years that I've been pastor.

We have initiatives and organizations that advance great ministry on their own, but working together can make a far greater impact. These ministry arms - with our spiritual life together at the center - can help more people to more fully embrace the good news of Jesus in real time. Working together in a spirit of unity, we'll be able to pay farmers, feed people, educate our children, provide housing, promote health all while nurturing the spiritual identity of all who come near this ministry. Working together, we can literally help bring a piece of heaven to earth.

On Saturday, June 26, 2020 at 9:00AM EST, we'll have our Semi Annual Church Meeting and receive updates on how we're doing, we're we need to grow, and where you can plug in to this great vision for our lives together. Mark your calendars!

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